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Welcome to Our mission is to give a straight forward explanation of the gold and silver market and basic fundamentals. What’s it all about? Where did using gold and silver originate? Why do we hear about the gold price? These are just a couple of questions we hope to explain in this website.

Whether you are interested in economics or how the financial world works it doesn’t take much to notice that many things are not right in most countries at present. All you have to do is open a newspaper or turn on the television and chances are you will read or hear about another large company or even a country who is having trouble paying its debt.

This site gives a short but concise description of gold and silver and how they may be very important in order to sustain your wealth in the coming years.

The site is designed to be less cluttered than that of other sites in the industry so as to avoid overloading on information.

Unlike many other precious metal sites where many only link to good news stories for the industry, you will find that here at, whether there is good or bad press in the news in the Gold or Silver market you will find it here, giving a clear picture of this market and other relevant economic news on a day to day basis. 

We hope you enjoy.



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